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What we do

From design & development to fabric & trimming sourcing and from pattern making to fashion production; Grosso Moda is able to deliver 'custom made services' to every client in our portfolio. We have the flexibility to offer our helping hand in every stage of the fashion production cycle.

Grosso Moda gives you access to its own production facilities as well as to its production network, which encompasses the most competitive countries in the world. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Macedonia among them. And let's not overlook the north of China, where serious investments have been made. The people in all these places are the finest craftsmen and women in the trade.

We team them with our powerful logistical apparatus and supply chain management philosophy to deliver the highest quality clothes to your door in record time.

  • Fabric and trimming buying and sourcing offices the world over
  • Design studios in the Netherlands and Germany
  • Global pattern development
  • Production-savvy, factory-floor supervision
  • Superior logistics
  • Sales offices in consumer markets
  • Outstanding after-sales service


The idea to set up a company like Grosso Moda was born in the mind of its founder, Guus Backelandt, in 1990. As a student Guus had become interested in developments on the international manufacturing market. It was a time when all kinds of companies were moving their production facilities to developing economies in Eastern Europe and China and he realised that this could be a turning point for the fashion industry.

A business brain and a keen eye for process rationalisation soon yielded ideas that went far beyond merely moving production. They encompassed a more economic approach and streamlining the entire fashion manufacturing chain, from design concept to retail delivery.

He bought into an existing factory in Lithuania, enabling him to put his ideas about supply chain management into practice. It was a hit and the first of many long-term partnerships and investments that currently give Grosso Moda an annual manufacturing capacity of 2.5 million woven articles and a substantial amount of knitted jersey garments. And it's growing – financially, Grosso Moda has boasted double-digit growth each year since birth.

Grosso Moda has done very well as a family business. Today, however, its success has attracted talented managers specialised in many diverse fields. Their contribution has earned them a share of the company and enables Grosso Moda to continue to shift global industry paradigms.


The first thing you'll be asked when we sit down to discuss the manufacture of your collection is, "What do you plan the retail price of your garment to be?" The figure you quote becomes a constant in all further calculations and decisions.

Consider fabric acquisition: There's little point in asking a supplier to provide samples of fabrics and going through decision processes if at the end of the day your fabric of choice is off budget. Instead, Grosso Moda works out how much it's allowed to cost and then approaches partnered suppliers the world over to develop and deliver on those terms. Everyone gains and best of all, this top-down principle can be applied throughout our clothing development and production chain. And it is.

Grosso Moda operates in a fast-paced, dynamic market bursting with new ideas and technological advancement. Grosso Moda's place in that market is one of innovative synthesis, bringing together the dedication and sewing prowess of people in far-flung places on the one hand, and the latest in technology, logistics and business models on the other.

The clothes developed and produced by Grosso Moda are the result of intensive cooperation with our clients. Basically, you come to us with your design concept and from there we work together, your designers with our designers, your wishes and our tried and tested processes, to produce your collection and deliver it. On margin and on time.

Fashion industry production capacity is in short supply, yet we can promise short lead times because apart from our own production capacity, we've also engaged in partnerships with our suppliers and producers, all of whom have been chosen for their expertise and thorough local knowledge and experience. It enables us to take maximum advantage of local industry structures and practices, and to provide full-vendor service.

This intense cooperation means that we can identify areas for improvement and help our partners optimise processes and achieve your objectives.

Close to the source

Grosso Moda has firm roots in Dutch business culture and the Netherlands remains the home of the holding company. But Grosso Moda has a global presence with its management office in Lithuania. We are wherever we need to be. Close to our production facilities, close to where we purchase the materials for your garments.

Being close to the source is something we've learnt from experience in this highly fragmented market. Fittings, cultures and climates, it means that we can meet short-cycle, just-in-time demand, significantly cut logistical lead times and better maximise both your margin and our profit.

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