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Our offices

Grosso Moda Ukraine

Manufacturing office

Sosiury str. 139
91011 Lugansk

T +380 6423 52063
F +380 6423 52063
E info@grossomoda.com

Grosso Moda Minsk

Manufacturing office

K. Tsetkin str. 18/108
220004 Minsk
Republic of Belarus

T +375 172 00 87 93
F +375 172 00 83 76
E info@grossomoda.com

Grosso Moda Turkey

Fabric sourcing and delivery management

G├╝zel Sok.
Manolya Apt. K.2D.18
Selami├žesme 34726

T +90 216 478 24 71
F +90 216 368 95 10

Ebru Celikkoparan
E e.celikkoparan@grossomoda.com

Grosso Moda Lithuania

Management & repeat manufacturing

Vilniaus str. 100C
LT-20166 Ukmerge

T +370 340 67080
F + 370 340 67089
E info@grossomoda.com

Grosso Moda The Netherlands

Head-/sales office

Driebergsestraatweg 9
3941 ZS Doorn

T +31 (0)88 7060 700
F +31 (0)88 7060 799
E info@grossomoda.nl

Jaap Backelandt
E jaap.backelandt@grossomoda.com

Design & Development
Anneke Kattenbeld
E anneke.kattenbeld@grossomoda.com


We are always interested in talented individuals filled with passion, drive and motivation to join our team and support us throughout the fashion complexity! If you believe Grosso Moda is for you, submit your information below and we will get back to you.

Fabric sourcing and development

Responsible for controlling the product development and production process .....

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The designer is responsible to concept, create and refine compelling designs .....

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At Grosso Moda, education is highly respected and sought after. We constantly aim to .....

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