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Slide A pick and choose platform! Eastern-European
logistics: Import and
export, warehousing
and customs.
Reach out to us! Logistic services Production QC PRODUCTION A collective of professional production facilities for different product categories, audited to industry standards both sustainable and social. We provide fast to market production from Eastern Europe, and production in South-East Asia. product safety QUALITY
Track QC real-time in Quonda by TripleTree. A group of skilled specialists constantly focused on the highest quality performance both in-line
and after production.
We meet AQL 1.5 - 2.5 requirements.
Certifications PRODUCT
Testing of fabrics,
trimmings and ready
garments in different
Preparation service CERTIFICATIONS We are BCI and BSCI audited on BSCI and constantly expanding our certifications, based on your needs. PRE-PRODUCTION
CAD/CAM, consumption, layouts and grading. We provide technical documentation and boll of materials to make your styles production ready. Perfect preparation that is our expertise. Technology Grosso Moda TECHNOLOGY Consultancy on technology implementation, efficiency programs in cooperation with your supply chain. We support to implement 3D and connect PLM, ERP and other systems. Contact us! An in-process innovation project, reshoring production even closer to your consumer in an innovative, Dutch factory. This is a pick-and-choose model, meaning every step is available seperately or in combination with others.

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